• Main attractions

    Main attractions

    Landmarks such as Table Mountain and Egypt’s pyramids are pretty much universally recognised, but what about Nigeria’s Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke, Kenya’s Uhuru Park, Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest and the likes?

    As hard to believe as it is, more than 80% of Africans don’t know the major tourist attractions of their own countries. And while Nigeria generates the majority of Africa’s outbound tourists; Kenya rates among the top African countries looking to develop tourism; and Rwanda’s capital Kigali is the most attractive city in Eastern Africa, most African countries still lack the competitive tools to support growth and competition in tourism at global market levels.

    According to an ETN Global Travel Industry News report, part of the solution lies in countries establishing intra-Africa travel packages that will attract tourists from within the continent. Moves by governments towards making travel within the continent easier for Africans (ie open skies) will also prove beneficial.

    13 September 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images