• On the ascent

    On the ascent

    In a bid to make the country more accessible to international tourists, Malawi plans to build new airports.

    Construction Review Online reports that the Malawian government is seeking investors to aid in the construction of an airport in southern Malawi’s Mangochi District, which will provide easier access to Lake Malawi, the nation’s foremost tourism destination.

    According to Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa, forming public-private partnerships with investors will help transform air travel in the country. High-standard hotels will also be constructed, while plans for the rehabilitation of two existing airports are currently under way.

    ‘What we want is for tourists to travel from their destinations straight to lake-shore resorts,’ says Mussa. ‘We think this is one way to boost tourism in the country.’

    3 July 2018
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images