• Peak power

    Peak power

    Morocco is set to be home to self-erecting wind towers that will also be Africa’s tallest.

    Designed by Spanish firm Nabrawind, each tower will be 144m high and will have 3.6 MW capacity. What’s more, its self-erecting system (SES) means the wind tower does not require a large crane for construction, according to Nabrawind.

    The SES enables the tower, rotor and nacelle (which houses the power generating motor) to be lifted in stages, from the foundation, with the lower sections of the tower placed last. It will also be 60% cheaper than conventionally built wind turbines, as just 80 m³ of concrete and 10 tons of steel are required, compared to 500 m³ of concrete and 60 tons of steel for traditional towers.

    16 July 2019
    Image: Nabrawind