• Quay idea

    Quay idea

    Tanzania is introducing a ‘one-stop shop’ in Dar es Salaam harbour to reduce cargo clearance time to 48 hours.

    The Dar es Salaam port, strategically placed on the East African coast, handles around 95% of Tanzania’s international trade and is a major entry point for goods to and from countries such as the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi.

    All paperwork from the Tanzania Ports Authority, Tanzania Revenue Authority and Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, as well as clearing and forwarding agents, will be concentrated in a single, state-of-the-art 35-storey building, according to an Asoka Insight report.

    Port authorities believe this will not only curb inefficiencies in cargo clearance time, but that it will also deter corruption. The building is due to be opened in June this year.

    23 January 2018
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images