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    Over the next five years, South Africa’s internet advertising market will grow by nearly 23%, which is close to twice that of the global rate. This rise is fuelled by increased mobile internet access, declining broadband prices and faster broadband speeds.

    According to a Moneyweb report, this growth is also linked to the creative formats and tech innovations available to advertisers, as this offers a host of ways for brands to connect with and impress consumers.

    A survey conducted by IAB South Africa found that mobile doesn’t just offer advertisers one small window of opportunity, but rather a multitude of possibilities on an ongoing basis. IAB asked questions regarding mobile usage, emotional attachment, spend, purchasing behaviour, internet usage, expertise influence and advertising effectiveness.

    Results of the survey revealed that more than 81% of South Africans would click on a mobile advert if they knew it was safe, while 74% would if the advert was interesting or engaging.

    9 February 2016
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages