• Shop ’til you unplug

    Shop ’til you unplug

    Who would’ve thought that South African men shop more online compared to women? A mobile shopping survey run by local online retailer Spree, shows that even though laptops and desktop PCs are still the most preferred devices for making online purchases, 73% of males use their phones to buy goods via the internet, compared to 67% of females who shop on the web.

    Men are even (gasp!) spending more on purchases than women. They’re accessing the internet through their phones the most – 72% of men go online more than once an hour versus 56% of women.

    Furthermore, the survey also reveals a growing trend in cellphone users doing online research and price comparisons, with 70% of respondents using their mobiles to do their homework before making a purchase.

    16 June 2015
    Image: Sarah Woods/HSMimages