• Sunny side up

    Sunny side up

    As of next year, Zimbabweans will no longer be allowed to install electric water heaters in newly developed properties.

    In a bid to fully switch to solar-powered systems, the state-owned Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution and Transmission Company (ZEDTC) plans to publish the new regulations by the end of this year. By converting to solar water geysers and phasing out all other existing geysers within the next five years, the Southern African country could save an estimated 400 MW of power, according to an ESI-Africa report.

    In another effort to increase the efficient use of electricity, the ZEDTC will be procuring 60 000 smart meters to be deployed at medium and large power users (those with a capacity above 100 Amps). That’s because meters currently installed for capacities above 100 Amps are billed for energy usage and demand, and will require a meter that can measure and monitor both attributes.

    13 October 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages