• The right call

    The right call

    Africa’s poorest are three times more likely to own a mobile phone than a flushing toilet.

    A survey by public-attitude researchers Afrobarometer found that less than 30% of Africans have access to sewerage services, whereas mobile phone services are available to more than 90%.

    According to a CNBC Africa report, the continent has made impressive progress, in terms of mobile phone services approaching universal coverage. However, the development of infrastructure for electricity, water, sewerage and roads remains a considerable challenge.

    Afrobarometer – which focuses on 35 African countries – found that only 63% of Africans have access to piped water, 54% experience tarred or paved roads and 65% of citizens are connected to the national electricity grid.

    26 January 2016
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages