• The right medicine

    The right medicine

    More often than not, pharmacies in Accra find themselves running out of stock before new supplies arrives. This results in patients having to visit several pharmacies across the city before they can locate the medicine they need. However, MedRX – an app launched by three young Ghanaians – aims to eliminate this challenge.

    How it works is simple. Patients download the app and sign in, before searching for the medicine they require. The app will then show them the location of the closest pharmacy that has stock. According to a How We Made It in Africa report, users can even take a picture of their prescription, send it to the selected pharmacy and arrange for collection.

    The app also features a forum through which users can speak directly to healthcare professionals – and soon, new options will include the ability to book doctor, clinic and hospital appointments.

    To date, the app has connected 512 of the city’s pharmacies and been downloaded more than 5 000 times.

    14 June 2016
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages