• Turning over a new leaf

    Turning over a new leaf

    Ethiopia is preparing to plant 4 billion trees on a cumulative 1 million ha countrywide.

    This follows the establishment of the country’s National Greening Campaign, as reported by the Ethiopian News Agency.

    Ethiopia is increasingly being affected by climate change, particularly in terms of drought – prompting a ministerial committee to find ways to mitigate its effects on the country. ‘Over the past years Ethiopia’s forest coverage has decreased. The initiative is set to mobilise national reforestation at 40 trees per head,’ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office states in a social media post.

    Seedlings will be planted during Ethiopia’s rainy season – typically between June and August. Three-quarters of the seedlings are currently in a government nursery, while the remaining 1 billion are in a private nursery.

    4 June 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images