• Value for money

    Value for money

    The British have spoken – they consider South Africa to be the best-value long-haul holiday destination.

    The UK’s annual Post Office report shows that Cape Town, in particular, is highly popular among locals, overtaking Bali (which has been at the top for three consecutive years) for the first time.

    The results were tabulated by long-haul holiday specialist Travelbag based on 34 resorts and cities around the world. It considered the prices of a ‘basket’ of 10 tourist items, including meals, drinks, sunscreen lotion and insect repellent.

    As reported by BusinessTech, the cost of eating out in Bali has ballooned by more than 50% in the past year. Cape Town is nearly 30% cheaper, with its basket amounting to GBP48.89. Tokyo ranked third with GBP63.87, followed by Kenya’s Mombasa coastline with GBP69.41.

    1 November 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images