• Wave of success

    Wave of success

    In Namibia, a water desalination system that can be powered solely using solar energy has been commissioned.

    A collaboration between the universities of Namibia (UNAM) and Turku (Finland), the plant is being built at UNAM’s Henties Bay campus. It can produce up to 3.5 m3 of potable water per hour, and does not require batteries. While the system can work as a hybrid (pairing with a generator or connecting to the grid), it can also operate solely on renewable energy – a first for the dry, Southern African country

    ‘Life-cycle costs of this solar-powered desalination solution are more than 70% lower than conventional systems, as there are no energy costs or need for fossil fuels,’ says Antti Pohjola, CEO of Solar Water Solutions (the company that built the desalination plant).

    The Henties Bay plant forms part of the Carbon Garden research project, which is focused on a forest plantation located on a carbon sink that will be irrigated with desalinated water.

    28 May 2019
    Image: Solar Water Solutions