• Welcome mat

    Welcome mat

    A tent for an arrivals hall, faulty air-conditioning and practically no seating caused Nigeria’s Port Harcourt International Airport to be ranked the worst on the continent even though the airport was one of the five approved for remodelling by the federal government in 2010.

    Every year, SleepingInAirports.net – a website dedicated to reviewing the world’s best and worst airports – conducts a survey by asking travellers to rate their experiences based on services and facilities available within the terminal, cleanliness, customer services and comfort.

    Furthermore, according to a Leadership report, voters also suggested that apart from being one of the world’s worst airports, Port Harcourt Airport (which managed to evade the world’s worst list last year), should also win the title for the most corrupt airport in the world.

    27 October 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages