• All work and no play…

    All work and no play…

    An entertainment district is being planned for Egypt’s new administrative capital.

    Spanning 1 722 ha, the US$20 billion hub will complement the New Cairo capital smart city, which is still under construction, to the east of Cairo, World Construction Network reports.

    Developed in three phases over seven to 10 years, construction will include 4-star and 6-star resorts; themed hotels; luxury homes; villas and high-rises; a wellness centre; high-end retail stores and regional shopping centres; a VIP golf course as well as other recreational and green space activities; and theme parks.

    The district will also feature a cultural arts centre; convention centre; aviary, butterfly, topiary and botanical gardens and conservatories; a planetarium, museum and recreational activities for children; a sports and concert stadium; racetrack; and an entertainment college.

    The project is expected to create more than 700 000 jobs during construction.

    17 September 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images