• Into the future

    Adapting innovative international trends to suit client needs is key to Kagiso Interactive’s strategy, says CEO Pravin Reddy

    Into the future

    When Kagiso Interactive innovatively integrated AI into a cryptocurrency platform – the only software developer globally to do so – the digital coin (or security token) asset it created, called Krypteum, also became the only cryptocurrency in the world to guarantee a return on investment (ROI). Why similar developers have hesitated in offering such a guarantee relates to the volatility of a cryptocurrency’s liquidity and speculative investors’ inability to monitor market disruptors quickly and accurately.

    This is where Krypteum’s AI is a game changer. In just one second, it reads 7 million lines of data from nine different internet servers – across news, history and social media platforms – analyses the effects on crypto markets, and makes the decision on an investor’s behalf to divest the currency and/or invest it into a safer market.

    What Priven Reddy, founder and CEO of Kagiso Interactive, has essentially done with his concept of Krypteum is remove the fear surrounding cryptocurrency.

    ‘Knowing when and how much to trade on the cryptocurrency market generally requires the services of a knowledgeable actuary or accountant. Trading with Krypteum is the equivalent of a hundred actuaries working on your account 24/7 and, depending on the package selected, can guarantee an ROI of up to 72%.’

    When the initial capital is invested, it is converted into coins and continues to grow in value, while receiving a positive ROI.

    ‘The AI within Krypteum recognises patterns in data and information – crunching huge volumes to judge a market’s take on current events – and reacts instantaneously to ensure the best possible protection of the investment. This removes much of the ROI risk that sceptics present as a reason for not entering this asset trade market.’

    Such sceptics use the bitcoin wobble last year as an example, when its value dropped by a large amount. ‘The part of the story that isn’t being shared enough is that original investors who acquired a single bitcoin at a few US cents when it launched in 2011 still achieved a pretty high percent return anyway. So for those who got in early, it remained a positive investment.’

    For this reason, those wanting to trade cryptocurrencies should take note of Kryptoro, which is a crypto exchange platform. As a utility token, the invested amount changes according to market rhythms. While no interest is earned, the coin value grows.

    Kryptoro is suited to those who enjoy risk or want to trade multiple cryptocurrencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money (fiat being any currency that is considered legal tender). During the initial coin offering (ICO) period, Kryptoro will offer Krypteum at just US$0.50cents, with expectations that within three years it will be worth anywhere from a modest base of US$10 to US$27 and upward.

    Up to six cryptocurrencies will be open to trade on Kryptoro when it goes live, pairing the rand with an interest in the dirham, naira and US dollar.

    Dryvar is an evolution of the on-demand vehicle-hire industry – a mix of on-demand e-hailing that also has a chauffeur service. Dryvar elevates the day-to-day and on-demand taxi service to another level, in a bid to create an experience and not just a ride.

    Pioneering software platforms and app developments such as Dryvar are typical of the Kagiso Interactive offering, and which it has been providing for the past 12 years to clients. The most recent will likely add more kudos to the organisation’s impressive list of awards, which include Best Artificial App Developers in Africa 2018; the Silicon India Award for Top 100 Technology Companies Globally; and Best Mobile Applications Developers in Africa.

    Reddy says the company strives ‘to spearhead and be at the forefront of technology’, adding: ‘We invest heavily into research and development of new emerging technology and push the boundaries. It’s a challenge, particularly in South Africa, where there is a hesitation of the market to try new things, preferring instead to wait until there is international buy-in.

    ‘This was the case with cryptocurrencies in South Africa, but now there are many who are beginning to see the light in terms of secure investing into blockchain projects like Krypteum and Kryptoro.

    ‘The next hurdle to overcome is the liquidity to spend cryptocurrency, given that our continent’s merchants are hesitant to regard it as a payment method.’

    With offices in Johannesburg, Dubai, London, Taiwan and India, Kagiso Interactive is comfortable dealing with – and in – volatile and diverse markets, presenting its clients with disruptive yet progressive apps and software, and often beyond requirements.

    ‘We tailor to what is best suited to needs, even if it means changing aspects that are client-specified. We also adapt international trends to suit the context of a local market, which is particularly pertinent to Africa,’ according to Reddy.

    ‘These strategies – combined with our service, transparency and sound business ethics – translate into a high number of repeat clients and awards, and are also why Kagiso Interactive’s end-products are the most-needed catalysts in driving business.’

    By Kerry Dimmer