• Together, forever

    Home-appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is committed to creating products that make life easier for its customers – while supporting environmental sustainability.

    ‘Every home, everywhere – with pride, passion and performance. Pride in our work and each other. Passion for creating unmatched customer loyalty towards our brands. And performance that excites and rewards global investors with superior returns.’

    Whirlpool’s vision reinforces that ‘every home is our domain, and every customer and customer activity our opportunity’.

    This vision fuels the passion it has for their customers, pushing it to provide innovative solutions to meet their needs in a unique way.

    It brings this vision to life through the power of its unique global enterprise – complemented by its outstanding people – working together, everywhere.

    Passionately creating loyal customers for life
    Whirlpool’s mission defines its focus and what it does differently to create value. It’s a company of people committed to creating loyal customers. From every job, across every contact, it strives to build unmatched customer loyalty, one customer at a time.

    Making the most of moments that matter
    Time is one of the most valuable resources available, which is why Whirlpool designs in-home solutions that help make the most of every minute.

    Life is worth remembering, so it does everything to make room for more quality time in your day.

    From engineering sketches to manufacturing processes, Whirlpool always has the customer in mind. Its focus on their world helps it think big and do what has never been done before.

    Why put so much effort into saving a few moments of time? Whirlpool believes it’s those moments that matter.

    Whirlpool dishwashers make cleaning up quick and easy, leaving more quality time for the family


    Improving our communities through collective impact
    Spreading a little joy to people within its communities matters. Whirlpool is committed to creating products that make life easier for people so they can spend time doing what really matters – being with family and friends. This commitment leads it to maintain strong connections to the communities where it does business. It believes great communities are the foundation of great business.

    As a result, Whirlpool strives to work with other organisations to create a better community, creating a ‘collective’ impact – first by focusing on the social safety net to support the health and wellness needs of residents, and then helping to provide safe and affordable housing to best support youth and education development.

    This approach allows it to prioritise partnerships where it can track results and leverage its funding for maximum impact.

    These include United Way, Cook for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Instituto Consulado da Mulher.

    Every appliance is developed with a view to conserving the planet’s resources

    Embracing its role
    It accepts the responsibility to develop high-performance appliances that conserve the Earth’s resources and help homeowners do the same.

    Whirlpool monitors the environmental effects of its business continually – not only by creating many new and innovative products that consume less water and energy, but also by improving manufacturing and distribution processes, and using materials that minimise the impact on the planet.

    In 1970, when Whirlpool created the corporate office for environmental control, it cemented its commitment to environmental protection and natural-resource efficiency.

    As the company has grown globally, it has taken advantage of efficiencies in other regions to design and build the most efficient products around the globe.

    Every year, Whirlpool’s new appliances become more efficient than the appliances made a year ago, five years ago or 10 years ago. It has held to its high values even when some countries would allow performance levels below Whirlpool’s global standards. 

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