• Artisanal support

    Artisanal support

    The Bank of Namibia is providing funding of NAD4.5 million over three years to the Namibia Training Authority’s (NTA) apprenticeship programme to cover the training of 50 interns in three crucial sectors – agriculture, tourism and the auto industry.

    Employers participating in the programme will contract trainee artisans and assign them to experienced mentors. The on-the-job training will be supplemented by theoretical training at identified vocational training centres, according to the NTA.

    ‘Apprenticeship is a powerful vehicle for developing the skills of potential employees and existing employees, improving productivity and profitability,’ says NTA chief executive officer Jerry Beukes. It ‘creates an ideal opportunity for any participating employer to inculcate a work ethic, the right attitude and a productivity mindset’.

    Aside from the apprenticeship programme, the bank will provide bursaries to educators in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector to upgrade their skills, and offer job attachments to TVET trainees at the bank.

    2 April 2019
    Image: Unsplash