• Revved up

    Revved up

    Angola’s automotive sector is set for a major boost with the construction of a new assembly plant.

    Hyundai Motors has announced plans to expand its African operations by setting up a factory in the country to produce heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses, according to Macau Hub.

    ‘We analysed the strategy and the pricing policy, as well as the quality of the spare parts that will support the assembly process,’ says Seong Kwon Han, Hyundai’s sales director for commercial vehicles.

    The announcement follows the February launch of the South Korean automotive manufacturer’s new factory in Ethiopia, which is expected to produce 10 000 vehicles a year.

    Angola said in January it was also in negotiations with Volkswagen and Ford to set up assembly lines in the Luanda-Bengo special economic zone.

    2 April 2018
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images