• Fuel for thought

    Fuel for thought

    A Nigerian university has developed its own power plant fuelled by organic waste.

    The 100 kVA refuse-driven fuel (RDF) gasification plant will enable the Nsukka  campus of the University of Nigeria (UNN) to become more self-sustainable, Green Building Africa reports.

    According to UNN vice-chancellor, Benjamin Ozumba, the project will reduce the university’s dependence on state power producer Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.

    Using agricultural by-products such as corn husks and wood chips as fuel, the project could also create employment opportunities for locals, who have been invited to supply the university with waste, says Emenike Ejiogu of the UNN’s electrical engineering department, who led the research. He said the RDF plants are cheaper and capable of carrying a bigger load than solar energy.

    2 April 2019
    Image: Alamy