• Birth of a new era

    Birth of a new era

    There is now a mobile app that can assist Ethiopian mothers-to-be to safely deliver their babies. The Safe Delivery App, created by Danish organisation the Maternity Foundation, provides women in developing countries – who typically have little or no access to medical assistance – with high-tech birthing support via their mobile phones.

    Ethiopia has one of the highest maternal death rates (420 fatalities per 100 000 live births). Up to 85% of women deliver their babies at home with only the help of relatives and friends, who are often ill-equipped in dealing with common labour-related complications, according to the Daily Mail. These include haemorrhaging, birthing difficulties, the resuscitation of newborns and infections.

    The app’s simplified instructions and animated videos help guide birth attendants and health workers through emergency situations. After a year’s trial run, the app has seen newborn resuscitation increase from 30% to 70%, while the rate of successfully managing bleeding has risen from 20% to 60%.

    24 November 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages