• Bottoms up

    Bottoms up

    With the rising cost of fuel, electricity and basic goods in South Africa, at least there’s one thing people can count on – cheap beer. Cape Town has been ranked among the world’s 20 cheapest cities in terms of its price.

    GoEuro’s 2015 Beer Price Index, which compares several brews in stores and bars across 75 cities, ranked Cape Town at number 12. Egypt’s Cairo came 11th to complete a north-south win for the continent.

    According to a CNBC Africa report, a beer in Cairo will set you back US$2.11 (around 60% less than the US$6.32 in the highest-ranked city, Geneva), while the average Cape Town brew will cost slightly more at US$2.14.

    The index also compares average beer consumption per capita. Ironically, the African city with the cheapest beer also has the lowest amount of ale drinkers. Cairo residents consume around 4 litres a year. Capetonians, on the other hand, knock back around 98 litres on an annual basis.

    14 July 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages