• Call of the wild

    Call of the wild

    In Tanzania, community-based wildlife conservation projects could prove effective in protecting the natural resource, which is a major revenue generator.

    The country is one of the top tourism destinations in East Africa, and the industry contributes around US$6 billion annually to the country’s GDP. Eco-tourism represents 13% of this, as reported by the Conversation.

    Wildlife management areas have been set up on land set aside by villages in return for most of the tourism revenue derived from these projects. According to Derek E Lee, associate research professor of biology at Pennsylvania State University, this concept will help Tanzania remain one of the of the world’s favourite and most profitable wildlife tourism locations. It can also contribute to other economic sectors and alleviate rural poverty.

    There are currently 19 of these areas in operation – making up 7% of Tanzania’s land area. An additional 19 are planned.

    13 March 2018
    Image: Flickr/James Forsyth