• Emergency lane

    Emergency lane

    An estimated 250 000 people living in rural Kenya and Uganda now enjoy better access to healthcare, thanks to an initiative that converts bicycles into ambulances.

    The Green Hub bicycle workshop, based in Kisumu, Kenya has opened a workshop in Jinja, Uganda and, with its Bike4Care initiative, also provided extra work for more than 700 community healthcare workers. According to an AFKInsider report, many of them are unable to find full-time jobs, making projects such as this important as it provides employment – in addition to transport for people in need of medical attention.

    So far, Bike4Care has led to more than 30 active bicycle ambulances – enabling nearly twice as many house calls. A further 1 250 new bicycles are expected over the next 18 months, should the project continue to bring in revenue at its current rate.

    31 May 2016
    Image: Coop Africa