• Gaining Ground

    Gaining Ground

    Nearly 80% of Ghana’s land remains unregistered, and it’s an issue that has been ongoing for nearly two decades. However, Bitland – a US-based platform for real-estate registration – could provide a solution.

    It is introducing a digital land-registry system (based on blockchain) that will be piloted across 28 communities in Kumasi.

    By registering land titles to its blockchain, ownership will not only be public but also fixed – enabling land to be held as equity as banks currently do not lend against unregistered lands, according to AFKInsider.

    Bitland also aims to provide services that allow individuals and groups to survey land and record title deeds on the company’s blockchain, providing a permanent and auditable record while also acting as a liaison with the government to help resolve disputes.

    The team plans to build solar-powered Bitland centres in Ghana that will function as hardware hubs for the company’s WiFi network and protect it from power outages. These hubs will double as education centres for locals where they can learn more digital solutions.

    31 May 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images