• Foreign interest

    Foreign interest

    Botswana is the most attractive economy in terms of FDI in Africa, thanks to its improved credit rating, current account ratio, import cover and ease of doing business levels. This is according to the newly released Africa Investment Index. The country’s high score was also based on its strategic location, skilled workforce and politically stable environment.

    As reported by Ventures Africa, Morocco came second, as a result of increasing economic growth and overall favourable business environment, followed by Egypt with an increased FDI, real interest rates and a growing urban population. With a high score in terms of GDP growth, South Africa placed fourth, followed by Zambia, which was lauded for its significant domestic investment and access money supply.

    In 2016 alone, the continent’s top five investment destinations attracted a combined FDI of US$13.6 billion.

    The index – compiled by the Quantum Global Research Lab – is based on a range of macroeconomic and financial indicators in addition to the World Bank Group’s ease of doing business measures.

    9 May 2017
    Image: Gallo Images/Alamy/Zdeněk Malý