• Forward thinking

    Forward thinking

    Seventeen billion. That’s how many rands could be added to South Africa’s economy each year if companies implemented flexible working hours.

    A study by mobile workspace solutions firm Citrix Systems and London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research explains that this can be done by using a certain amount of hours during the day more efficiently, rather than relying on a 9-to-5 work day to produce outputs.

    According to the study, more than 90% of South African knowledge workers are on board with working from home or a remote location for an average of 19 hours per working week.

    The report also highlights an opportunity for businesses to collaborate with remote-working technology providers to enable such a work structure, how flexible working hours could save commuters in excess of ZAR44 billion and how part-time workers would be motivated to work more hours if they could work remotely – potentially adding ZAR5.2 billion in gross value added output.

    1 September 2015
    Image: iStockPhoto