• Great expectations

    Great expectations

    A device that provides medical professionals with access to ultrasound technology in remote and underserviced areas is geared to be of massive benefit, particularly for mothers-to-be.

    Philips Africa’s recently launched Lumify is a device that provides clinicians with the capability to access high-quality ultrasound imaging in real-time via a compatible smart phone. The solution is tailored to emergency and urgent-care centres, with the aim of improving care and reducing costs.

    The device isn’t limited to pre-natal care – it also supports soft tissue, musculoskeletal, lung and vascular scanning.

    The Lumify ultrasound ‘is designed to drive transformation in care delivery and digital health – a dynamic combination that can extend the reach of ultrasound in a remarkable way’, according to Jasper Westerink, CEO of Philips Africa. ‘Clinicians as well as family doctors at small outpatient clinics can perform scans themselves, speeding up the diagnosis process and possible treatments.’

    25 September 2018
    Image: Philips