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    High coverage

    In South Africa, a crop-spraying drone has taken to skies in its first legal flight.

    The South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has granted a licence to Durban-based DC Geomatics, which operates the drone, after it passed CAA regulations, as reported by Business Insider.

    DC Geomatics teamed up with PACSys about 18 months ago to begin the lengthy process of having pesticide-carrying drones approved for commercial use.

    Compared to the light aircraft typically used in crop spraying, drones are able to get close to the plants (within 1.5m to 3m), allowing for more precise application, even in challenging terrains.

    According to Tim Wise, CEO of PACSys, drones are also more fuel efficient, using up to 60% less fuel (in generators to charge the batteries) than in manned aircraft.

    21 May 2019
    Image: Pixabay