• High energy

    High energy

    The continent’s biggest wind farm is just one technical step away from powering Kenya.

    Before the Lake Turkana wind farm in Kenya’s Marsabit county can begin feeding 310 MW to the national energy grid, the 436 km power line must undergo end-to-end testing, reports Bloomberg.

    Initially delayed due to contractor changes, the US$278 million energy project was supposed to be completed by October 2016. Two Chinese firms were appointed in January 2018 that successfully completed the project by the new 31 August deadline.

    Kenya has also clinched a US$232 million deal for the construction and operation of another wind power plant, this one for 100 MW, according to Construction Review Online. Located south of Nairobi, the plant will be built by two US companies.

    4 September 2018
    Images: Gallo/Getty Images