• In the mix

    In the mix

    Rwanda has inked a deal to build a demo nuclear power plant.

    The East African reports that the agreement between the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board (RAEB) and German/Canadian firm Dual Fluid indicates the demonstration nuclear reactor will be operational by 2026.

    Testing of the Dual Fluid technology – reportedly featuring a new type of nuclear fission, based on liquid fuel and lead coolant – is scheduled for completion two years later.

    The RAEB says the plant is expected to add 300 MW to the national grid.

    “This deal is intended to expand Rwanda’s energy generation mix. Dual Fluid has patents to this technology; it will provide laboratory equipment and set it up, train our people in this technology and conduct tests,’ says RAEB CEO Ndahayo Fidele.

    19 September 2023
    Image: Freepik