• Clean sweep

    Clean sweep

    In its quest to become the first African state to become totally powered by renewable energy by 2035, Djibouti has launched its first wind farm.

    ITWeb reports that the Red Sea Power wind farm, near Lake Goubet, is expected to provide about 60 MW of clean energy.

    On the 387 ha wind farm, there are 17 turbines, each producing 3.4 MW. They are served by a 220 MVA substation and connected by a 5km overhead transmission line to the local grid operator.

    Electricity generated by the wind farm will be sold under a long-term power purchase agreement to Electricité de Djibouti, the state-owned utility, and is expected to provide power to 38% of the population that has no access to electricity yet.

    The consortium of developers includes FMO Private Equity, Climate Investor One, Africa Finance Corporation and Great Horn Investment Holdings.

    The consortium has also unveiled a solar-powered desalination plant to provide water to nearby villages.

    19 September 2023
    Image: Freepik