• On tap

    On tap

    An estimated 222 000 people in Niger are expected to benefit from the commissioning this month of the Goudel IV drinking-water treatment plant.

    The addition of the fourth unit to the existing Goudel water plant brings online an additional 40 000 m3 of drinking water a day to supply the nation’s capital, Niamey, according to Afrik21.

    Niger authorities say the plant has allowed Niamey to achieve a water-access rate of more than 95% – one of the highest in West Africa. An additional 15 700 households have now been connected to the water supply through 170 new access points in Niamey.

    Also part of the project were three new reservoirs with a capacity of 2 000 m3 each, in addition to 27 km of pressure pipe and 250 km of distribution pipe being laid.

    30 March 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images