• Wild idea

    Wild idea

    The endangered black rhino will be given a chance at survival through the issuing of a green bond whose returns will be based on the animals’ population growth rate in two South African reserves.

    The five-year, ZAR670 million security, reportedly the first wildlife conservation bond globally, will be sold by the World Bank towards the middle of the year, according to Bloomberg.

    The Rhino Impact Investment project explains that instead of an annual coupon, investors in the rhino bond will, at its maturity, receive their original investment and an additional payout linked to the population growth of the black rhino in the Addo Elephant Park and the Great Fish River Nature Reserve over the five years.

    The principal and possible additional payment will be financed from the Global Environment Facility, which is funded by donations from 40 countries.

    If the bond proves successful, it may be extended to protect black rhinos in Kenya or even include other animals such as lions, tigers and orangutans.

    30 March 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images