• Power shot

    Power shot

    Sierra Leone is planning an additional 1.2 MW of electricity, thanks to 24 mini solar plants.

    The nation’s Ministry of Energy has entered into a public-private partnership agreement with UK-based Winch Energy that will see around 30 000 residents connected across 24 localities countrywide, as reported by Africa Energy Portal.

    Twelve of the plants (or mini grids) have already been installed, with operation expected by mid-year, benefiting some 6 000 people. By the final quarter of 2019, work will begin on the remaining 12 grids, which will be slightly bigger, providing electricity to around 24 000 people.

    ‘We believe that electricity and related services are transforming communities; contributing to the development of local businesses and increasing wealth and prosperity,’ says Nicholas Wrigley, chairman and CEO of Winch Energy. Electricity to health centres will be prioritised to ensure they are able to provide adequate services to the local populations.

    The mini-grid roll-out forms part of the Sierra Leone government’s Renewable Rural Energy Project, which aims to provide underserviced communities with an additional 5 MW by 2020.

    19 March 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images