• Reeling in potential

    Reeling in potential

    Ghana’s artisanal fishing sector is set to receive a boost thanks to a multimillion-dollar investment.

    A US$40 million injection will see Ghana’s departments of Transport and Fisheries and Aquaculture collaborating to build 10 landing sites with facilities for the safe launching and landing of artisanal fishers’ boats and canoes along its coastline, Construction Review Online reports. These will also help ensure hygienic conditions for the processing and handling of fish, while also reducing losses due to spoilage.

    Ghana’s aquaculture sector produced just more than 52 470 metric tons of fish per annum.

    The development is set to be complete in 2020 and is expected to create myriad employment opportunities. It will also increase Ghana’s export volume of fish from the current 12%, improving foreign exchange earnings for the country.

    5 March 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images