• Shared connection

    Shared connection

    The governments of Morocco and Portugal have confirmed plans for a 250 km-long undersea electricity cable that will connect the two countries.

    Technical and financial feasibility studies have been under way since 2016 and, on completion in early 2019, both countries will invite bids for the project, which will calls for a 1 000 MW cable and is expected to cost up to US$800 million, according to Reuters.

    As reported by Construction Review Online, Morocco currently produces 28 000 GWh of electricity and exports the remainder from Spain via a similar subsea cable. The Morocco-Portugal project aims to enhance energy security and increase efficiency, while also encouraging the development of renewable energy in both nations.

    ‘The flows will go in both directions depending on our needs,’ says Portuguese Secretary of State for Energy Joao Galamba. ‘In the beginning Portugal will export a little bit more than Morocco but after a few years it will be the opposite.’

    The project is expected to be operational by 2030.

    11 December 2018
    Image: Alamy