• Shot in the arm

    Shot in the arm

    Morocco is set to start producing COVID-19 vaccines in July after receiving a major shipment of vaccine-manufacturing equipment.

    About 40 000 m2 of equipment has been delivered to the nation’s EUR200 million vaccine-production facility on the outskirts of Casablanca, construction of which started earlier this year. Capacity is expected to reach 116 million units by 2023, with the facility producing pre-filled syringes, liquid and lyophilised (freeze-dried) vials.

    The first trial batches are expected to be produced by the end of July this year.

    This latest shipment was delivered via the Pilecki, a new heavy-lift vessel, and was a joint project between the Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company, which owns the Pilecki, and vaccine production-line provider Morimatsu Group of China.

    17 April 2022
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images