• Smart wheels

    Smart wheels

    A scooter service in South Africa is set to launch and, if successful, it may even rival Uber and Taxify.

    Local entrepreneur Fezile Dhlamini spent three years unsuccessfully applying to be an Uber or Taxify driver, prompting him to create Green Scooter. The ride-sharing taxi start-up involves transporting two passengers per trip and, in the long term, will also transport cargo, as reported by Business Insider.

    The service will function via a mobile app and uses the same model as Uber and Taxify, but it will be 30% cheaper, according to Dhlamini, who describes it as the first electric vehicle-sharing platform, built for Africa by Africa. ‘People want convenience and a personal experience, and what better way to get that without paying a large amount of money,’ he says.

    Green Scooter is expected to be in operation in Johannesburg by September 2018, with a fleet of 10 electric scooters imported from Sweden.

    2 May 2018
    Image: Green Scooter