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    Solid thinking

    Ethiopia is encouraging the use of biomass as a source of energy for the nation’s cement industry.

    Exploring the use of locally produced biomass instead of coal for the production of cement, a feasibility study launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Chemicals and Construction Industry Development Institute has identified a weed grown in the Afar region that can be used to make biomass blocks. According to the Reporter, these blocks can be used as an alternative fuel source to burn limestone in the cement production process.

    Minister of Trade and Industry Yohannes Dinkayehu says the use of biomass would reduce the need for imports and generate employment opportunities.

    ‘If we can replace 4% of the coal with biomass, we can save up to US$88 million per year,’ says Samuel Halala, director-general of the Chemicals and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute. He adds that local cement factories currently spend about US$220 million on coal imports per annum.

    30 July 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Image