• Well received

    Well received

    Zimbabwe’s Maitengwe border post is set to be upgraded, as is the 92 km stretch of road between the Maitengwe and Plumtree border posts. This is being done to facilitate the easier movement of people and goods between Zimbabwe and neighbouring Botswana.

    ‘This border expansion is part of the national programme of expanding and modernising all border posts,’ according to Zimbabwe’s Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza, as quoted by News Day. ‘This has an economic effect on the country as it is in line with the “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra,’ he says, adding that it will also de-congest the Plumtree border post.

    Matiza is referring to the Southern African nation’s 2018–2020 Transitional Stabilisation programme, which also includes plans to redevelop the Beitbridge post, which borders South Africa.

    30 July 2019
    Image: Alamy