• Nurturing growth

    Nurturing growth

    Financing for new fertiliser-blending equipment is expected to increase Nigeria’s farming crop yields by up to 85%.

    Moroccan phosphate company OCP and USAID, via its West Africa Trade and Investment Hub, have announced a US$1.4 million investment to install modern fertiliser-blending equipment at the OCP plant being built in north-western Kaduna state, Nigeria.

    Moroccan World news reports that the new equipment will be able to produce fertiliser blends tailored to the cultivation of rice, maize, soybean, cassava, tomato and other staple crops grown in Nigeria.

    An expected 75 000 farmers across the region will benefit from the new plant and and its special blends, as OCP plans to set up one-stop-shop fertiliser hubs at 36 sites across 13 Nigerian states.

    On completion, the plant will produce approximately 120 tons of fertilisers per hour.

    20 July 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images