• Information highway

    Information highway

    The construction of an additional data centre in Nairobi has commenced.

    Once complete, the facility will add 15 MW of IT load to Africa Data Centres’ NBO1 Nairobi Data Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Africa Business Communities reports that the new site will be completed during the first half of 2024, bringing five times more capacity than what is currently installed. The company is a subsidiary of pan-African group Cassava Technologies.

    Tesh Durvasula, CEO of Africa Data Centres, says this expansion will enable clients to grow and scale depending on their requirements. ‘They can start small, increase to a medium capacity, and even benefit from a hyperscale type of deployment in a few years if they choose to. This will enable customers to operate multiple deployments across our sites with a single operations team, campus and infrastructure they are familiar with.’

    The new facility will start with 5 MW of IT load and will be built in a modular design that includes all critical plant rooms.

    31 January 2023
    Image: Pexels