• Leading the way

    Leading the way

    Across Africa, nearly 30% of mining companies that haven’t yet invested in next-generation technology plan to feed capital into drone, wearable and real-time video training in the near future.

    A survey conducted by online data analysis and advisory firm Timetric Mining Intelligence Centre found that only a handful of mine sites currently use technology for environmental management and tyre monitoring, among other things. It identified eight mine-site technologies that are expected to exceed 80% within two years, including investment into scheduling and shift optimisation software.

    According to an AFKInsider report, South African company Rocketmine (whose services include quantifying mine stockpile volumes using aerial volumetric 3D mapping) and Ghana’s Aeroshutter (which provides property surveillance and operates a fleet of DGI drones) currently assist multinational mining companies across the continent, including in Nigeria and Mozambique.

    29 March 2016
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages