• Pedal power

    Pedal power

    Youth in Masiphumelele, a rural community in Cape Town, South Africa, can now enjoy a little exercise, learn about renewable energy alternatives and help boost electricity output after two prototype pedal power stations were installed in the neighbourhood’s library.

    The stations – a first for the country, according to a People’s Post report – use kinetic energy exerted by the person pedalling to power a generator. This in turn creates electricity, which is fed through a power point to any appliance with a plug, and can be used to switch on lights, charge laptops and mobile phones, and even boil a kettle.

    The prototype, which took nearly two years to develop and install, is based on a European-based product found in public areas that allows people to charge their electronics using self-produced energy. It will work in tandem with a solar panel to further boost the library’s electricity output and is expected to be rolled out in another two communities.

    28 June 2016
    Image: Susan Alexander