• Cash savvy

    Cash savvy

    A initiative has been launched to help Kenyan sports fans save money and earn interest during the FIFA World Cup.

    The #SuperFansChallenge has been integrated into Chumz, a mobile money savings app that enables users to set financial goals – either as individuals or in groups – and to deposit any amount and withdraw interest.

    The initiative encourages soccer fans to deposit an amount of their choosing should their team win, lose or draw during the World Cup, as reported by The Star.

    ‘We are excited to launch this functionality in the Chumz app especially around this time when the World Cup is going on with fans investing more time and money in following the world’s biggest sports event,’ says Samuel Njuguna, CEO of app developer Moneto Ventures. ‘As part of discouraging consumerism and encouraging a saving and investment culture especially among the youth, we are challenging Kenyans to enjoy the game but also save a dedicated amount of money on the Chumz app, which will earn them interest whilst creating lasting memories.’

    Soccer fans can invest as little as KES5.

    6 December 2022
    Image: Unsplash